11 Signs When You Need To Change Your Aircon


The weather in Singapore is always hot and humid. Therefore, if you want to be comfortable, having air conditioning is the most important thing. Air conditioning makes life in Singapore easier because it helps keep the room cool and allows people to relax at home. However, like all electrical appliances, the shelf life of the aircraft is limited. There are a number of indications that air conditioning indicates an immediate replacement, some of which are highlighted below. You can visit our website www.serviceairconsingapore.com for mare related information.

  1. When the aircon always not cold

This is the most obvious sign that air conditioning needs to be replaced when the weather is no longer cold. However, depending on your air conditioning equipment, the climate of air conditioning operation as a repair and maintenance should last for more than 10 years. When people find that their air conditioners can’t cool a house or room as they used to, they should be replaced. People also need to check the product manual to see if the air conditioner has reached the shelf life.

  1. The home needs to be completely cooled forever

If you find that there is more time to cool your home than usual, then you should check the problem. Air conditioner cooler temperatures may be lower, thus reducing the rate at which it absorbs the heat present in the air. This will require you to check the air conditioner to determine if you need new or only need repair.

  1. Upgrade energy balance

When the weather in Singapore is cold and warm, it affects the electricity bills you need to heat your home and air conditioners. However, if you find that electricity bills are growing at an alarming rate, you will need to find an expert for a home energy audit. This will help you determine if your bathroom is working or needs to be replaced to reduce your electricity bill.

  1. When it releases a weird sound

Every time you enter the air conditioner, you will notice some strange sounds, such as noise, moisture and odor, indicating that you need to repair or replace it. This release is a potential problem with the air conditioner itself and should be improved to keep the air fresh and cool. If you have air conditioning in your home, there is moisture, which is important to indicate that you need to replace the air conditioner.

  1. Inconsistent temperature

A properly functioning air conditioner should provide temperature according to the settings you choose. However, if someone notices that there is some space in the house and the room is still in a cold area, while others do not get any cold air, it will be a problem. This may indicate that your air conditioner can go out in the last few days. This will warn someone to change their air conditioner as soon as possible.

  1. When over-maintenance

Air conditioning equipment should be serviced regularly to ensure cleanliness and to prevent any form of blockage. In some cases, the air conditioner may require other forms of service or repair. However, you need to be cautious about these repairs, because if they become more common, it would be uneconomical to take them out. The funds required for this repair must be calculated. If they are roughly the same as buying a new air conditioner, it will be more economical to replace them.

  1. Age

Most air conditioners typically have a service life of 10-15 years, and if your air conditioner is within this range, it needs to be replaced. People need to check the product details to determine the exact age of their air conditioner to know when to replace the air conditioner. When replacing it, the new air conditioner will be selected as a modern air conditioner with high energy efficiency standards.

  1. The system seems to be always running

This is another indication that air conditioners must be replaced due to current inefficiencies. This aspect is easy to see when the air conditioner seems to run continuously for a long time without actually cooling the house. This problem may be caused by equipment failure, insulation problems or hard work.

  1. Improve internal humidity

If you find an increase in humidity in a Singapore home, you should see it as an indication of an air conditioning failure. This may also indicate that your air conditioner is small and therefore cannot cool the entire house alone. This should be a wake up call in exchange for another air conditioner.

  1. Improve dust

A good air conditioning unit should filter out harmful particles and dust from the house. Since you have noticed an increase in the amount of dust in your home, this may indicate a malfunction in your air conditioner. This problem may be caused by a complete leak of the pipe work or a system failure.

  1. Outdated air conditioning system

In the recent wave of technological advances, more and more household appliances are undergoing major repairs. Similar progress has been made in the field of air conditioning equipment. If your air conditioner does not have a programmable thermostat to ensure it works, this may indicate that you need to consider replacing it with a more modern thermostat.