5 Ways to Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible


Renovating a home to make it easily accessible when a family member is in a wheelchair may feel like a monumental challenge. You may wonder where to begin to make your home accessible and wheelchair friendly. Below are five things you can do, to make your home more accommodating to those in a wheelchair.

  1. Install a Ramp

Installing a ramp can create a much more accessible entrance. Instead of having to maneuver the stairs, which can be dangerous and difficult, you can have a ramp built with a gradual slope.

  1. Remodel the Shower

Having a bath or shower that one must step up into can make bathing extremely difficult. Remodeling the bath and shower area with a roll in shower can make bathing much easier. Some baths or showers can be wide enough that a wheelchair can be rolled in for the easier transfer to a bath chair.

  1. Widen Doorways

Making sure your doors allow the wheelchair to pass through, can mean much more independence. When deciding how wide to have a doorway, it’s important to measure the wheelchair width, along with clearance for the hands of the person in the chair, so they’re able to maneuver through the door.

  1. Change Flooring

Having carpeting or thick rugs on the floor can make wheelchair traversal difficult. Having smooth and even flooring from room to room can make wheelchair navigation much easier.

  1. Lower Counters and Appliances

Being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean the person is unable to do normal household tasks. With lower counters and appliances, the wheelchair-bound may be able to empty the dishwasher or cook a meal.

If you’re not able to complete all these tasks right away, even one or two can make all the difference. Having a more wheelchair-friendly home environment can preserve a wheelchair-bound person’s independence.