Get in Trend: How to Decorate with Posters In 2019


Using posters to decorate walls is becoming a trend as more and more interior decorators look for innovative ways to add flavor and color to indoor spaces. Posters are quite versatile since they can be made in various sizes and shapes with an unlimited choice of artwork and frames to choose from.

In this updated guide, we share some ideas on how you can make use of posters to decorate your walls in 2019. We also share a way you can contribute to environmental sustainability and a good cause just by purchasing a poster online for your project. Some of the ideas in this collection are quite surprising so make sure you read to the end.

1)    Minimalism

Minimalism is huge in interior design circles today and there is no better way to create a minimalist vibe in your interior space than using a couple of posters. Go for a thin framed poster with a simple graphic for the best effect. Abstract objects, monogrammed graphics, grayscale, or simple landscapes on a white background are the best when it comes to minimalist posters.

Minimalistic posters also add a sense of space and cleanliness to an otherwise boring and dull wall. Modern interior designers are taking advantage of minimalistic approaches to create that contemporary vibe. Minimalistic posters can be used in homes and office spaces.

2)    Add Some Height to Your Walls with Tall Posters

Interior designers have been using paintings, portraits and wall to wall curtains to create an illusion of space and height for the longest time. Posters can give you more freedom to create illusions and make the best out of the space you have. For instance, a short wall can be made to look higher by hanging a tall poster in portrait. The opposite is also possible if you have high walls.

3)    Spice Up Your Common Areas with Posters

Who said corridors and hallways have to be dull and boring? You can add a couple of tall or wide posters on the hallways to make them more interesting to walk past. Strategically placed posters on common areas will make your interior space classier and welcoming as compared to a plain wall. Remember corridors and hallways have much more space to work with, so go for bigger posters that stand out. Small posters can make space feel crowded and claustrophobic which is not we are going for here.

4)    Match Your Posters with Interior Colors

One of the things I love about posters is the freedom they give me when it comes to color choices and color matching. You can choose posters that match or complement your interior colors to enhance the look of your space. Have red furniture? Why not go for a poster with a bit of red and white to enhance your theme? Posters with contrasting colors to other elements in the space can be used to neutralize different colors.

5)    Go Green and Promote A Good Cause with These Sustainable Posters

Paper collective is a company making posters using sustainable means. They source their artwork from several artists around the world and use sustainable materials to manufacture their posters. In addition to that, they use part of the proceeds to fund charitable initiatives in impoverished rural areas in Nepal. We bought a couple of Copenhagen Posters from their online collection for a recent interior design project.

6)    Innovative Ways to Use Your Posters

Maybe you don’t fancy drilling holes in your walls to install your posters, what can you do? There are several ways to use posters in your interior space.

  • Prop them against the wall- Framed posters can be propped against the wall instead of mounting. It gives a minimalist vibe and also allows you to move the poster whenever you need.
  • Use some poster putty
  • Use straight pins or command hooks
  • Prop them in a corkboard or display easel

7)    Arranging Posters

Posters can be made in different shapes and sizes. If you have an empty wall, you can arrange a group of similar sized and shaped posters to create a symmetrical effect for a clean and modern look or use different sizes to create a decorative effect.

Final Thoughts

I love using posters to decorate empty walls and transform dull interior spaces. Posters give you the flexibility you wouldn’t usually find in paintings and other decorative materials. You can also use posters to hide small flaws on your walls instead of painting over them.