How to Prepare For Your Office Remodel


Whether you are trying to create a different look or you need to expand to accommodate a larger staff, you must remodel your office space. There are several things you will have to do to get this started. Here are a few steps to follow.

Set Up a Plan

Set up an appointment with a commercial construction miami company to talk about what you want to change. They can evaluate your current structure to see what can be removed and what must stay. They will then give you an estimate concerning how much it will cost to complete the work. If you are comfortable with the price, schedule when they can get started.

Make a Decision About What You Want

Write down what you want to have done and consult with your contractor. Ask for their input to make sure that you are accommodating each area for a larger staff. Make sure new windows or tearing walls down will still keep the building structurally sound. Meet with a designer to advise what colors you should choose for the walls and how you should arrange the new space. They also will show you options for new furnishings and fixtures.

Communicate With Your Staff

Once you have established a schedule with your construction company, let your employees know of your plans. Doing this gives them time to pack up their desks and put things into storage if they need to move temporarily. Set up their laptops so that they can work from home or in another workspace if the office space might be torn down. Alert your staff of any changes that may occur so accommodations can be made. Also, provide the contact information of whoever is overseeing the project in case there are questions or concerns during the rebuild. The more cooperation you have from your employees and the construction company, the quicker you can be up and running in your new facility.