How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets


The cabinets in the kitchen are lined up on nearly every wall that is in the kitchen and they dominate how the kitchen will look. That is why when you wish to redo the area it is best to start with these cabinets. Instead of exchanging them why not save hundreds of dollars and have them refinished?

The first thing you have to do is take everything out of the cabinets and drawers. It might be best to put them in boxes or on the table. Don’t make a mess doing this. You don’t want to have to take care of too much after this big job.

When all the things out take the shelves out. As you do this it would be wise to look at each one and make sure that none of the cabinets and drawers are dented or damaged in any way.
Before you can get to the nitty-gritty stuff you should lay down sheets or tarp over the counters and floors. Take off the handles and hinges and place them in a place where they cannot get lost.
Utilize a mild detergent to clean everything off. Ensure that you rinse it and help them to dry. Any holes and old ones for the hinges should be stuffed with either wood putty or wood dowels..
Now you are able to be given a stunning new look. Pick out either a shade of varnish or a paint color. Do what you can to be imaginative and choose something that will match the look of the rest of the kitchen. Remember though that these can control the theme. When painting the ###@1@### you must apply two thin coats. Make sure they are completely dry before you put them back up.
It is easy to kitchen refinishing Cabinets as a way of remodeling the entire room. When you are done make sure you know how to clean The Cabinets without ruining the new paint job.