NoVaStar Appraisals Talks on The Skills That a Real Estate Appraiser should Have


As per experts of NoVaStar Appraisals that, a profession as a real estate appraiser requires some skills of an individual for becoming successful. The application of these skills can be learned and worked on during the course and training that is mandatory for becoming a licensed appraiser.

The skills for becoming an appraiser can be categorized into two different groups: hard skills, and soft skills

Hard skills

Hard skills are easy to quantify, and it can be taught more easily.

Math skills

Real estate appraisers require the ability to analyze the real estate data then it has to be converted into units of measurement such as acres and square feet, and calculation is required like square footage of properties and land.

Analytical skills

There are various sources of data that real estate appraisers must keep in mind while determining the value of a property. Sufficient research of all factors and analyzing the weight and value is mandatory while determining the value of a particular property.

Writing skills

NoVaStar Appraisals reports a real estate appraisal report is divided into several sections that require a certain amount of writing work. The descriptions are objective and it must be clearly stated.

Soft skills

Soft skills need the ability to adopt the situation depending on the different circumstance. It is quite difficult to quantify and are most effectively learned through experience and trial and error method.

Customer service skills

Real estate appraisers work with different people at regular time span, whether they are selling their service, meeting with the property owner, or interacting with clients. Communication skill plays and vital role. Communicating with each one is an important part of customer service.

Organizational skills

Real estate appraisers have to work with multiple clients concurrently,  many different sources of information have to be utilized, and a complete investigation is must for the properties that are being appraised. The organization skill is a vital and very important part of the real estate appraiser’s work.

Time management skills

In every sphere of life, time management is mandatory.  Every real estate appraisal has a deadline, and sometimes it might be very short time constraints. The ability and capacity to manage time are really important to make sure that the appraisals are done completely and delivered accordingly to the agreed deadline.

Problem-solving skills

Real estate appraisers often get into unexpected issues. The ability to solve a problem and find a proper solution is needed. When any issues arise it is often necessary to complete the appraisal.

 These are some of the characteristics of a good appraiser

  • Maintains personal and professional integrity.
  • Has a career and a job objective at the same time.
  • Talented and has the  Is ability to take conflicting information and pieces of a puzzle and make a reconciliation.
  • Very good interviewer has the ability to get people to talk.
  • Communicate and interact with commercial tenants.
  • Curious and goes to the depth find out the real story.
  • Asks questions
  • Always ready to learn.