Picking the Best Structural Designer


Structural designers play a crucial role in the construction industry, and they literally make the society function. From designing roads, bridges to buildings, structural engineers are truly behind any existing structure. But like other engineers, these engineers aren’t all the same. The fact that someone has a degree in structural engineering doesn’t necessarily mean they have the requisite structural engineering skills as well as the ability to apply these skills to design structurally sound buildings. Therefore, choosing a structural designer can be difficult, even with countless structural designers out there. If you are planning on a construction project and you are considering the structural designer to select for your construction project, below are insights to assist you in deciding on the choice of structural designer to pick.

Look at their technical competence

When it comes to structural engineering, competence is largely derived from academic qualification, skills and most importantly the ability of the engineer to apply their engineering skills to specific construction and designing situations. When choosing your structural designer, therefore, ask them about their education work experience and proof of their previous work.


Construction is ultimately a costly project that should only be entrusted to an experienced structural designer. The worst thing that can happen for your entire construction project is choosing an inexperienced structural designer hoping they can deliver quality results. The more experienced a structural designer is, the better. Even though an experience structural designer can be costly to hire on an hourly basis, hiring one is absolutely worth it since the possibility of an experienced structural designer delivering quality results is remarkably high. Prior to hiring a structural designer, first find out from them the exact time duration they have been working as structural designers. The more the number of years a structural designer has been working in the construction industry the better,


Ideally, all structural designers are required to operate with a valid license to prove they have requisite structural engineering skills to deliver structurally sound construction. Licensing is only issued once a structural designer has fulfilled certain requirements. Therefore, if the structural designer doesn’t operate with a valid license, it obviously shows that they are yet to fulfill the mandatory requirements to offer their practice. To avoid falling into the pitfall of selecting an unlicensed structural designer, never hesitate to ask the structural designer about their licensing. Where possible, request them to let you see the valid license itself. If they agree, carefully go through it and verify the date of issuance. Also, confirm with your state’s association of engineers whether the license is indeed valid.


Asking a friend or anyone who has hired a structural designer before you to suggest a good structural designer will make the lengthy process of identifying a reliable designer much shorter. Nevertheless, be certain the people recommending a suitable structural designer have hired the designer before you.


The choice of the structural designer you make will substantially influence the quality of results you get once your construction project is over. Therefore, refrain from rushing to pick a structural designer before evaluating their competency.