Redecorating Saves Money Over Remodeling


When your home starts to feel stuffy and uninspiring, you may start thinking about how to remodel it to make it more like the homes in magazines or in online galleries. Truth be told, it is completely possible that a few more budget friendly fixes can give you a whole new lease on enjoying your home. Keep an open mind and rethink the plans you had to spend your kid’s college funds to remodel the house. Instead focus your expenses on inexpensive fixes and just one or two bigger budget items to dress it all up.

Clean it Up

The first and most important thing you can do for your room is to clean it up. Scrub walls and woodwork, clean windows and polish floors or clean the carpets. Have blinds, curtains or other window coverings cleaned and mended or repaired, as needed. Paint the walls and trim if they look shabby.

Improve Your Lighting

If you have been thinking about remodeling your home, think again. Chances are that what is really bothering you is that you and your family are feeling light deprived. If you are south-facing, have small windows or your lighting is simply small and outdated, consider changing your lighting fixtures instead. Choose larger lights or exchange one fixture for two in order to bring in more light. Take a look at the lighting Clearwater FL residents turn to when they want to update their lighting.

Change Your Furnishings

This does not mean to buy new furniture, but to change what you have. Use some chalk paint to give a new finish to an end table or rocking chair. Make or buy some chintz or linen slipcovers for your existing upholstered pieces or get some new toss pillows and a new knit throw or two. A large piece such as a standing screen large art makes a big difference.

You can also change up some of your other accessories to bring a new sense of style into the house. You may find that small differences can make a big transformation and your budget may just survive to tell the tale.