Top 5 Low Maintenance Houseplants


All plants need a certain amount of maintenance. Some need more than others and some need less. Some plants actually prefer a little neglect over too much love. A lot of these types look beautiful, and will do very well even if you do not water all that often. Here is a list of the top 5 plants that you can keep indoors and do not require all that much attention, in fact some will prefer if you leave them alone for a little bit.

  1. Succulents

There are many different kinds of Succulents including slender cacti, flowering Kalanchoe, spiny Sedum, and many others. They are waxy and geometric, and are pretty trendy because they also come in all different shapes and colors from mint green to beautiful deep violet. They tend to like a lot of dry air and sun light. Usually, you only need to water these beauties once a week or at least until their dirt is all dried out. They have thick leaves that will store water, which is why you only need to water about once a week. Although most succulents do well indoors, some do not. There are some Succulents that require a lot more sunlight than they can receive inside. The ones that do not do too well indoors usually have bright colors like reds, purples, or oranges. You want to find some that are naturally green, these are the ones that will do best indoors.

Cozy corner at home in the morning lights
  1. Begonias

These all- time favorites come in all different colors and foliage patterns. They bloom in the spring and summer and they are very easy keepers. All you really need to do for begonias is provide some rich well- drained soil and some light shade and water every so often. During the warmer months, it is best to allow the soil to dry out before giving them any more water. During the cold months however, they require even less water. Wax begonias are the most popular type and can fit in almost any space. Begonias can grow anywhere from as small as 6 inches to as tall as 3 feet. They also have a wide range of colors. In the past, there were only a handful of different colors that begonias would exhibit. Now, through crossing and breeding, we can find begonias in reds, warm yellows, oranges, whites, and even pink. Begonias are also pretty easy to propagate. They can be grown from a stem cutting(all you need to do is cut the stem 4 inches and put it directly into the growing medium so it can start to grow roots) or a seed(just place seed in some seed starting soil, water, and watch it grow).

  1. Chinese Evergreen

Known as one of the easiest house plant, Chinese evergreens do not need all that much light. Just a low to medium amount of light is all this plant will ever need. Keeping her watered is simple too, you only need to water when you notice that the soil is dry, that is it. It is a very hardy and rock- solid plant. It can withstand quite a bit of abuse and still bounce back from it. There are some fun versions of this plant out there that have spots and stripes and all together look goofy. Also, you can find them pretty much everywhere, grocery store, hardware stores, and obviously your local nursery should have them. They will do well in just about any room, too, so you can experiment with them and see where they do best.

  1. Snake Plant

A very popular choice in many homes, this plant is easily cared for. It is also known as mother- in- law’s tongue, this might be attributed to the fact that its leaves come to a sharp point. Although it may seem kind of boring, a lot of new varieties are starting to come out. A study done by NASA showed that snake plants will actually remove toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from the air in your home, that is pretty amazing. They are also pretty easy to clone, too. With some free- draining soil and a cutting the plant will start to grow, you just have to watch for rot that is all.

  1. Air Plants

Practically indestructible, air plants are quite possibly the easiest plant to take care of indoors, the name tells it all. A spidery looking plant that does not require soil to live; they can just hang suspended in the air, put on a shelf, or even inside your favorite vase. The secret to their being able to thrive is good air circulation. Watering is probably the easiest part, all you need to do is dunk them in water every 10 days for about two or three hours and that’s it. There are over 650 different kinds of air plants. They are one of the best types of plant for someone with a black thumb, like stated before, they are practically indestructible; you would literally have to shred it or tear it all up in order to kill it. Many types of air plant have what is known as strap- shaped or triangle- shaped leaves and most of them also have funnel or tubular shaped flowers. In the wild they will grow on rocks, shrubs, trees, or even on the ground using their roots. Air plants are native to the southern region of the United States and the Central and Southern Americas. Hanging air plants is a popular interior design in many homes and is quickly becoming more popular.

Author Bio : Sarah has loved gardening and nature since childhood. She loves to read about new plants and gardening tips. She works for “YourGreenPal” which helps you to quickly find, schedule and pay for Lawn Care Services.