8 Safety Tips For DIY Roof Inspections

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To keep your roof in tiptop shape, you have to schedule a roof inspection at least twice a year. Under the right conditions, you can do this yourself. If you have a small or medium-sized home, a basic roof inspection can be completed within an hour.

Thinking of inspecting your roof? Safety should always be your top priority. Read these safety tips to avoid accidents and serious injury.

Don’t do it alone

The first thing you need to do is to let someone know that you’ll be going up on the roof. Ask a family member, a friend, or a neighbor to look out for you while you inspect the roof. You’ll need someone to be there to help you and be prepared to call for medical attention if necessary.

Don’t rush

Most rooftop accidents happen when homeowners are hurrying to finish the job or have become frustrated with what they’re doing. Be patient and work carefully. If it gets too hot or you get tired, take a break instead of rushing to complete the task.

Wear proper footwear

Sorry, but your favorite pair of sneakers won’t cut it. Shoes with good traction will help keep you from slipping and falling off your roof. Wear safety shoes or boots with rubber soles and good tread.

Wear a safety harness

Don’t do any type of roof work without wearing a safety harness. Attach the harness to the base of the chimney or another sturdy structure on your roof. This way, even if you slip, you won’t fall off the roof and get injured.

Attach toe holds

If your roof is steep, install 2×4 toe holds to make climbing easier and safer. You can easily nail down these wooden toe holds and remove them after you’ve completed the inspection.

Check the weather

Check the local weather forecast and schedule your DIY roof inspection for a day when it is expected to be clear and warm but not too hot. Make sure there are no weather conditions that involve wind or precipitation expected on that day.

Avoid heading up the roof when it is slippery or damp. Wait until the morning dew has completely evaporated before you start your inspection. If there’s a roofing emergency and the weather is not ideal, call your local roofing contractors instead of doing the repair work yourself.

Be extra careful with ladders

Before you start, make sure your ladder is working properly and is positioned on an even surface. Stabilize it with stakes or make sure it is anchored at the base and to your roof with roof anchors. Don’t use the ladder until it has been properly set up.

Don’t be hard-headed

If, for some reason, you are unable to complete the inspection, call a professional instead of plodding through the rest of the task and risking injury. If you’re not sure if you will be able to get up on the roof and do a DIY inspection, don’t do it. Your roof’s condition is certainly important but not as important as your safety.

If you’re not comfortable climbing on the roof, contact Roofing Vancouver BC and we’ll happily schedule a roof inspection and then go over any maintenance projects you may need.