5 Reasons Why Walk-In Wardrobes are Perfect for Your Bedroom


A fitted walk-in wardrobe s is one of the best additions you can make to your bedroom. But why is that so? Here we look at five reasons why a walk-in wardrobe is a perfect choice to enhance your bedroom in terms of form as well as function.

More functional

The primary reason to consider buying fitted walk-in wardrobes is its functionality and practicality. For instance, it allows you to include luxurious extras like laundry-sorting, ironing, and dressing areas. And since there is more open space to play with, you can even install an island type bench to help with folding and ironing your clothes. If you are inventive enough, you can also use this space for makeup or as a dressing area equipped with floor-length mirrors and appropriate lighting. These additions can actually add some luxury to your lifestyle. And in what is an absolute bonus, your property’s resale or rental value increases as well if you install a walk-in wardrobe.

Good for clothes

Unlike built-in wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes allow for plenty of air to flow through clothes stored within them. This helps avert the build-up of mildew or mould  inside the wardrobe. Closed doors, conversely, can accentuate the effects of excess humidity, which can spike every now and then. A walk-in wardrobe becomes crucial for bedrooms that have an attached bathroom. In such a bedroom, the moisture from wet regions stays trapped within a built-in wardrobe. But in a walk-in wardrobe, the moving air gets rid of the moisture. This ensures that your clothes smell better. Adequate ventilation is also important for leather goods while many fabrics need breathing space as well. Lastly, your clothes will never get crushed in a spacious walk-in wardrobe.


A walk-in wardrobe can be less expensive sometimes as the cost of the door gets eliminated. This is significant because wardrobe doors, with all their finishes, handles, and mirrors, can be shockingly expensive. Furthermore, you can build yourself a walk-in wardrobe in unused or rarely used spaces like under the stairs, which also means only minor work is required to build such a wardrobe. Of course, a walk-in wardrobe becomes expensive if you don’t have the space for it and you need to create it. However, you will not need to spend much to utilise an existing dead space or alcove that is hidden behind the plasterboard.

Save floor space

Freestanding closets are the most inefficient when it comes to using your bedroom space. As for sliding door wardrobes, they use more space more efficiently than their freestanding counterparts. However, neither of them use space as efficiently as walk-in wardrobes. A walk-in wardrobe can be of any shape like square or L-shaped. This lets you create an innovative wardrobe design to comfortably store your clothes and accessories that also does not compromise your bedroom’s style.

Looks attractive

There is no doubt that walk-in wardrobes look much nicer. They are more luxurious and fashionable than built-in and freestanding wardrobes.

To sum it up, if you are done with stuffing expensive things into a smelly, old and bursting wardrobe, do not think twice about creating a walk-in wardrobe in your bedroom.