Air conditioner maintaining tips


More than half of the homes in the US have the air conditioner to cool the house in the summer. They are very important to maintain because we don’t want them to break down when we need them the most. There are many types of AC units but mostly used are ductless, mini-split type which consists out of two parts, outdoor and indoor unit.

They have improved throughout the years, but still, they use a lot of energy, so maintaining is crucial if you want to save electricity. If you don’t want to do it yourself you can find R. A. Styron HVAC division named areas best firm or a local company to maintain your AC. Usually, if you hire someone it is a yearly subscription, but most of the things you can manage yourself.

Inspecting the unit

You should inspect your conditioner throughout the season, so you can catch any issue before it starts to make bigger problems. To properly inspect your AC, you should first check for any unusual sounds and how fast the unit starts. Usually, the problem is the filter, but also when you take off the first part of the indoor unit, you can check for any leaks.

If there isn’t a problem you can see, but it isn’t working properly, you should call a professional for further investigation. Check the thermostat and clean it from dust, condensing unit, condensing coils, and ductwork. In the winter, the outdoor unit can be damaged, so a smart thing is to cover it with something to protect it from harsh weather or any animals that will try to hide there.

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Call a professional

When it comes to devices like air conditioner, we forget to check if everything works correctly. Usually, we wait until something happens to check what is going on. An HVAC system has to be checked yearly even if you think everything is fine because some damages can’t be noticed until you open the unit. You may discover something on time and fix it before you need to call a professional.

A good tip is to call a professional at the beginning of the year to check your systems because at that time they are available. And if any repair is needed, you can do it before summer. It depends on the problem, but on average, AC repair costs around $200.

Cleaning the outdoor unit

The best time to clean your air conditioner is at the beginning of the season, and you can do it just once a year. If there was bad weather, you should check the outdoor unit and make sure you don’t have anything placed on it. People usually put stuff at the back of the house where the unit is, or kids place backyard toys on it. Whatever you place, it can damage the unit or clog it. Clear any grass that is growing around it and be careful not to damage it in the process. The important thing is to shut it down before cleaning, and then take off the fen. If you haven’t cleaned it in a while, you can expect a lot of dust in it.

You should first use a garden hose to clean the find of the condenser. Fins are sensitive so take care when drying and cleaning. After that, you can change the fan grill. When you finish cleaning the outdoor unit, indoor will be a piece of cake. Read more on this link.

Change the filter regularly

The filter is the first thing you should check when something is suspicious with the AC. Many people don’t know that it should be changed every month it can reduce efficiency if you don’t clean it. This goes for both central air and window conditioning units. Most of the filters are reusable, but they have to be cleaned properly.

A good tip for you in order to remember when to change your filter is to use your phone. There are many applications you can use, or just set the reminder on the phone each month. Also, you can get a yearly supply for every month, so you don’t have to go always when you need it. When you have everything ready, it is easier to be done.