Elevate Your Backyard’s Beauty With Workable Lawn Care Tips


Having a lawn and getting it landscaped once are easy things, the difficult part is to take regular lawn care. A lawn can only stay beautiful if the plants, grass, flowers and shrubs grown in it are taken care nicely. You can only take care of your lawn, if you are fond of doing so and are in love with everything grown there. Here are some easy yet workable lawn care tips that you may also find helpful.

  1. When you plan to water your lawn, then you must first check the soil. The upper 3 inches should feel completely dry before you water it again.
  2. Once you have watered it, then check if the grass is wet deep down till its roots, then it is fine. Properly watered grass will make the roots go deeper in the soil and it will make the grass healthier.
  3. Bring compost for your grass and scatter it evenly. It will help in improving soil’s texture and structure. The soil will ultimately be able to hold more water.
  4. You can win half of the battle if you will become successful in keeping your lawn free from weeds.
  5. Keep your lawn free from thatch. Regular grass cutting can help it a lot.
  6. Make sure that you make your grass thatch free during springs or early summers. There are special tools available for this task.
  7. You must water the lawn between 4-9 am. In this way sun will not be able to rob your lawn’s moisture.
  8. Use organic fertilizers that are specially made for the lawn. They are manufactured in such way that they release nutrients at slow pace and let the grass all the released nutrients in much efficient way.
  9. Clip your lawn grass on regular basis. It will keep up its strength.
  10. If you find weeds, then you must better remove them after rainfall or after you have watered the grass. In this way, it will be easier to remove it right from its roots.
  11. Make sure that you work on weed removal at the earliest stage. Do not let them grow bigger and stronger.
  12. Earthworms are blessing for the grass. Use organic fertilizers as earthworms love them.
  13. Try to fertilize your lawn before rainfall.
  14. Control pest growth. You can do this by making the soil healthy.
  15. Can you see some bare spots in your lawn? If yes, then they must be damaging the entire beauty of your lawn. All you can do is to buy some nice native covers available for grounds. You can plant them nicely and beautifully in order to cover those bare spots.
  16. More the insects, better the health of your lawn. Try not to put any insect killer in your lawn.
  17. You may scatter some crocuses all over the lawn. It will give your lawn color in case the grass has not grown properly. It will increase the beauty of your landscape. Once your grass will grow nicely and you will mow it at that time the crocuses will die and disappear.

If you will follow these simple lawn care tips then you will definitely have one of the best lawns in your area.