Home Features for Your New Construction


Are you wanting to build a new home, but are slightly lost in the techy world? Building a house is not just about bricks and mortar anymore. Installing the proper wiring systems for technology must be thought through beforehand too. You need to know what types of features you want installed before you begin construction.

Remote Control Systems

Having your HAVC unit controlled on your smart phone is a great feature. With a click of a button your unit could be ready for you before you get home. With children at home, you would be able to control the unit remotely too. This means no unexpected high electricity bills with the summertime heat in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Your remote control system could include security too. You could see inside of your home on your smart phone. An alert could be sent to your phone when someone comes on your property. This would give such a peace of mind while you are away.

Proper Home Wiring

Make sure your new construction home is wired properly so that it can be smart. It need to be wired completely with CAT 6, CAT 7, or fiber-optic cables. Also, you want an enterprise-grade network system installed. Do not settle for a consumer-grade system. Today’s streaming video and streaming audio requires a lot of bandwidth. By doing these two things you will be insured to have good service with your smart technology home choices.

Installed Technology Choices

The choices for technology installation are vast and increasing each day. Carefully think through your options as you are planning out your new home. Here are some of the options available to you:

  • Video and audio doorbell
  • Inset wiring for a wall mounted tv
  • Voice controlled light dimmer
  • Security cameras with audio
  • Pet camera to make sure Fido is behaving
  • Smart oven with WIFI controls

Going Green Home Ideas

Add green options into your new construction as well with some of these ideas. Solar panels, of course, are a well-known choice. There are other choices that are not so well known or used. Choose a roof that reflects the sun like slate, terra cotta, white tiles, special membranes, and metal roofing. The living roof is another option that allow you to grow plants on your rooftop, while keeping the temperature inside moderate. You will be on the cutting edge of green in North Carolina.

Geothermal Power is an alternative to the traditional HAVC unit. It is a way of moving heat from the earth to the home and back again. It costs up front but will recover its initial costs with energy savings.

Planning and constructing your new home will take some effort but will all be worth it in the long run. With you thinking through your options ahead of time, you can add in your high tech and green features that you want. It is easier to add in these home features during construction than waiting until afterwards.