How to Properly Dispose Your Waste and Live a Zero Trash Life


Today, global warming is becoming a treat to human survival. Due to many climate changes, calamities, pollution, etc. the lives of many people are endangered. It is because of too much waste and misuse in our society today. Most people don’t admit their contributions that are making the world change unexpectedly. Fortunately, there is something we can do, and that is teaching our family to proper disposal of waste and living a zero waste life. It is not an easy journey, and it is like changing habits and lifestyle that you have been living for so long. To help you encourage your family, we will discuss the ways how to do it to help conserve Mother earth too.


The first thing to do is to declutter your hoard items whether consumable or not. Look for a possible foundation to donate your stuff. Or better sell it at your garage. There are many things you can do to declutter, first cut off your hoarding habits and live with what you need. Avoid doing impulse buying and if you can, share your hoard to other people too especially the homeless in the streets near your house.

Purchase zero waste products

If you can, do your grocery time in a public market. They will allow you to bring and use your eco bags and containers. By doing so, you will eliminate plastic bags and paper bags. There are also shops and malls that allow you to do so. Even some restaurants allow you to bring your own utensils and containers.


Biodegradable and non-biodegradable, you must learn how to separate and do proper management of waste.


You can lean different composting techniques if you have a class in your community then the better. But you can always check the internet on how to do composting or watch youtube videos. Even some cities are doing it widely.


What to do with bottles, cans, jars, plastic spoons, etc.? Recycle them, you can make some planters, decorations, or even upcycle to make better things out of it. You can also donate it or sell it at junk shops. You can watch videos on how to recycle, or you can find interesting ideas on Pinterest. You will never know what are the possibilities of recycling until you have become into it so start now.


Keep your family educated about proper waste management. Let every one do a part in waste management. You can also call a waste management services for wastes that are hard to dispose of such as animal poop and pee.

Proper waste management lets you live a healthier and happier life. When you see your family doing the right thing, you will see the community around you will also follow. It takes a little action to make a change, so be the first person to do it and have fun in living a zero waste life. Start doing your part and show the world how to do it by educating other people too.