Why White Kitchen is Here to Stay


Many would say that white colour kitchen stands the test of time.  The timeless appreciation of white dates back since time immemorial.  As many say colour can manipulate one’s emotion, white often brings calmness and positivism.  This is because white has always been associated with purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. It has been what most homemakers and even home contractors prefer for their homes and clients, respectively.

A white kitchen can easily be paired with other colours to add some spice and character to the entire house.  From ivory to cream, vanilla, and eggshell, various shades of white will never go out of style. Enumerated here are motives for choosing white kitchen inspiration over other colours.

White reflects light

Science explains that white reflects light and absorbs the least light and heat.  Black, on the other hand, absorbs light and converts it into heat, making the object or place warm.  It is for this reason that a white room creates a fresh and calm feeling. It simply doesn’t hurt but on the contrary, accepts any splashes of colour to liven a place.  A white space also offers a more comforting ambiance making it appear that one had a residential uplighting.

White creates space

White creates a sense of space.  It makes a room look bigger and even bolder if paired with the right contrasting colour.  It is for this reason that most condominium units have white walls to make the rooms appear spacious.   Same goes for a white kitchen that gives an illusion of more open spaces.  Appliances and other kitchen essentials do not look cluttered but appear orderly.

White is timeless

A new year is always welcomed with a lucky colour.  As this new hue brings luck, white remains timeless and forever perfect for every season.  A white drawer and cupboard, for instance, bring pure timelessness and all the more highlights any colour of the year the homemaker brings in his kitchen. A white kitchen, for example, splashed with a touch of yellow, makes the room more vibrant and so welcoming.

White is stunningly beautiful

Imagine your kitchen all white and you put a blooming Sunflower as a table centerpiece.   Wouldn’t you find the place simply stunning? White modestly goes with any style and colour.  It doesn’t steal the limelight but on the contrary, highlights what needs more attention. White all the more need not try too hard as its simplicity is what makes it strikingly gorgeous.

Why white kitchen is here to stay

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, says Leonardo da Vinci.  It goes true as well with a white colour kitchen. After all, a home kitchen needs not be complicated.  It should reflect the purity of heart of the homemaker cooking the everyday dishes and the optimism of the head of the family in bringing food on the table – the very characteristics of the colour white.