How To Organise Open Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen Improvements

Open kitchens appear to be interesting and actually make your home look amazing. But, as they say, all good things need hard work and patience and organising your kitchen also needs constructive effort for an impeccable outcome.

For this purpose, you need to search for good kitchen shops who can guide you to designing an open kitchen just the way you want or have desired it to be. Based on their industry experience, they can actually give you innovative design suggestions which can enhance the look of your kitchen.

As compared to closed kitchen you comparatively have to face more number of challenges in an open kitchen. This is mainly because not everyone is likely to enter your closed kitchen but an open kitchen is visible to everyone.

This means that you ought to keep your kitchen organised, neat and workable so that it does not appear as a cluttered spot.

Following are some ways in which you can keep your open kitchen organised most of the times-

Group similar objects

Group here means that placing all objects which have a common functionality, colour, size, etc. The good part about grouping is that it boosts efficiency and creates focus in your kitchen. For instance, if you place six red cups in a pyramid it is likely to grab attention and you can swiftly carry them all at once for your use.

At times, it such happens that you have variety of items in your kitchen which are used for different purposes. In such a case you can place them on shelves as per their frequency of utility. For example, the most utilised should be placed right in front of your eyes and the rest in a descending order.

Then there are some belongings which you use very occasionally like cookbooks, special set of napkins, cutlery, etc. You can store all of these in one shelf or cabinet on the top corner. You can also use a basket to store them as you can pull the basket down and have a thorough glance at what you want or what to store in it.

You can also place similar objects in one basket. For instance, you can place a baking cook book, baking trays, spatulas, special whisks, etc. in one basket. So when you plan to bake something you do not have to search all of them instead just drag this one basket.

In an open setting, long shelves give a better look than the short ones. Plates arranged in increasing order of their heights also give an organised look.

Everything does not have to be displayed

You may have really beautiful glassware but it is not mandatory to put it on display in your open kitchen (unless you use them on a daily basis). You are likely to break the delicate glassware while picking something from behind it or from top of it.

Instead place only regular utilities on your kitchen shelves so that you actually have things that you need to prepare your meals. Avoid leaving too much space between each object as you will end up wasting space and sometimes they also give weird look. 

You do not want your kitchen to look like a rainbow with presence of variety of different colours. Instead, stick to two-three colours maximum and purchase utensils and other objects in similar shades or tints. This way, all of them appear to belong to the same family and also give an interesting look!

Make sure that you create a balance of natural materials like glass, wood and metal. The main reason for this is that sticking to a single material will give your kitchen a boring and monotonous look.

Organised kitchen is more useful

It is wise to place things that you use often in the most nearest shelf otherwise your kitchen may look like grandma’s china cabinet. For instance, if you drink coffee in the morning then placing mugs at this spot makes more sense.

Another advantage of this trick is that dust is less likely to get settled on these shelves as you frequently use the space. This saves you from the additional efforts of dusting and cleaning those shelves.

Higher shelves should be used for rarely used utensils.

A creative approach

If you have empty spots in your open kitchen then use them creatively by adding few creative artworks. It could be as simple as hanging a key holder which you can use as a spoon holder.

Besides, if you have adequate space you can also place a small flower vase which adds colour to your kitchen and you can enjoy beautiful fragrance of your favourite flowers.

If not this, you can also hang 2-3 mason jars or used empty wine bottles and place fairy lights in them (only if you like lights). They spread beautiful glowing effect in your kitchen.